A People's Movement for Peace and
Security in the Af-Pak-India Region



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Create a Global Constituency for Peace


To strengthen the voices of local peace movements and the silent majority who yearn for peace and security in their respective countries, here are examples of initiatives Erasing Borders would undertake:


·     Support indigenous peace movements, such as Aman Ki Asha. This movement was initiated by two influential media groups, The Jang in Pakistan and The Times of India in India. Aman ki Asha, at present, is actively engaged in exchanging people, promoting joint business ventures and mediating conflict. These exchanges aims to encourage confidence and trust building among the people of India and Pakistan. This home grown and media supported peace initiative between Indians and Pakistanis is a rare moment in history which we cannot afford to miss. We must support it.


·     Offer an “Opinion Platform” on its website for the moderate majority to express their views and build a global network of supporters for peace.


·     Support the exchange of people – students, faculty, artists, sports and entertainment personalities between and among the countries in the region to counter the perceived “trust deficit” and build cooperation and mutual understanding.


·     Encourage the use of social media to promote peace and security.


·  Educate the public on the promise of peace and hope through cultural programs and literary conferences, such as a bi-annual Urdu Poetry writers' forum and interfaith conferences within a given country or among the nations in the region.  











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