A People's Movement for Peace and
Security in the Af-Pak-India Region



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There are welcome signs of “hope” and a willingness among the young generation in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India to build alliances for peace and security in the region. According to a number of public opinion polls conducted by well respected organizations, such as the British Council, Pakistan Institute for Peace Studies -Pips, Peacepolls.Org in Ireland, Joint Survey of The Times of India & Jang (in Pakistan), a large majority of people in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India want to end the insurgency and violence in the region and normalize relationships between India and Pakistan. They want to end the insurgency and violence in Afghanistan. They want better education, jobs, better health care, transportation systems and, above all, peace, prosperity and progress. The results of these surveys are listed under:


·       Aman ki asha

·       Public Opinion Surveys


If peace is established between India and Pakistan, both countries will gain significant economic benefits and a reduction in their military spending. The savings in the military spending could be used to improve social services and educational systems for the masses, as outlined in the section titled:


·       Peace Dividend











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