A People's Movement for Peace and
Security in the Af-Pak-India Region



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Who We Are - The Voice for Peace 

Erasing Borders is a not-for-profit, non-political, non-violent citizens group committed to create a global constituency to support local peace initiatives and to strengthen the voices of the majority of the people in the Af-Pak-India region who yearns for peace. There are a number of well respected local groups in India and Pakistan that are actively engaged in promoting peace between these two countries. We are committed to support these groups and their initiatives. To create a strong base for sustainable peace, we would also promote education, economic growth and job opportunities in the Af-Pak-India region. To achieve these goals, we would invite and engage the Af-Pak-India diaspora to serve as volunteer Citizen Diplomats in this effort. Our members, therefore, are the Afghanistan, Pakistan and India diaspora living around the world.


Over 2,500 professionals, from around the world have signed up as volunteer supporters of our Vision since this Movement started in 2011. This diaspora, with their skills, experience, resources and knowledge of the region and its culture, can help to support peace initiatives in their countries of origin and serve as catalysts for progress and economic growth in the region. In North America alone, there are 3.1 million members of this diaspora; 2 million in the United States and 1.1 million in Canada.  Many of them are serving in varied professional fields, such as doctors, engineers, educators, and entrepreneurs, and are making a contribution in their adopted countries. This diaspora can provide critical support to the local population’s efforts to promote dialogue and exchange of ideas and to stimulate educational, economic and job opportunities in the region.






















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