A People's Movement for Peace and
Security in the Af-Pak-India Region



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Our Vision, Goals, and Core Values

Our Vision, Goals and Values outline who we are, what we seek to achieve, and how we want to achieve it. They provide clear direction for our organization and help to ensure that we are all working together toward the same goals. Our Core Values serve as guide for our actions and describe how we behave in the world.



Our Vision

Erasing Borders is a people’s movement to promote sustainable peace, security and economic prosperity in the Af-Pak-India region by engaging the support and participation of both the people in the region and the region’s diaspora around the world. With their skills, resources and knowledge of the region and its culture, the diaspora could help to support peace initiatives in their respective countries of origin and serve as catalysts for economic growth, education and job opportunities in the region. Our Vision, therefore, is to see the region transform itself from the present conflict and insecurity to a vibrant, progressive and economically strong South Asia, with the promise of peace and hope.

With the name “Erasing Borders”, we highlight the need for Afghanistan, Pakistan and India to look beyond their borders in finding solutions for peace, security and prosperity.

 Our Goals

1.  Support Peace Initiatives Through Dialogue and Exchange of People & Ideas: 
Erasing Borders will promote public opinion in support of peace, both domestically and globally, through networking and sponsoring conferences, lecture series and seminars – thus creating a strong global  constituency for peace in the region.
2.  Facilitate Economic Opportunities and Job Creation:
Erasing Borders will focus on promoting economic and job opportunities in each country, by engaging the diaspora in partnerships, joint ventures, technology transfer arrangements and capital investments in their respective countries of origin. In addition, the diaspora will be recruited to provide technical and management advisory services to assist local entrepreneurs.

3.  Promote Educational Opportunities:
Erasing Borders will promote educational opportunities and training in informational technologies in the region, through visiting faculty programs, student exchanges, degree transfer programs between colleges and universities in the region, and joint education summits to share curriculum, teaching methodologies and educational innovations. Better education means jobs. More jobs mean less violence and insecurity in the region. 


Our Core Values

Honor: We will honor the Afghan, Pakistan and Indian traditions and cultures and will work together for peace, social justice and respect through non-violence and tolerance.

Respect: We will respect the hopes and aspirations of the people of Afghanistan, Pakistan and India






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