A People's Movement for Peace and
Security in the Af-Pak-India Region



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About Us

With specific actions to promote education, economic growth and job opportunities in the region, we offer a hybred plan – one that is home-grown and people-centered that blends the elements of diplomacy and civilian involvement. This plan provides optimism, hope and direction to the people of Afghansitan, Pakistan and India, where the majority of the population is yearning for peace and an end to violence. The plan promotes the power of positive change beyond bullets.



What People Are Saying About Us 


The following are a small sampling of comments we received and there are more.


v Dr. Apurva from New York wrote, I believe, you are doing something wonderful. I support it."


v “I always wanted to do something like that ….may our effort will make a difference in people lives”,  wrote Sultana from Maryland, USA.


v After reading an article about “Erasing Borders” in a UN related publication, Avani from North Carolina wrote, Please tell me we can work together … I am more interested in citizen diplomacy and how ordinary people can play a part in peace building”.


v A university president told us The idea is worth trying and offered the campus facilities to host Erasing Borders’ events.


v “This is an idea whose time has come”, wrote Joseph from Canada.


v The president of a technology company said, “I want to start a Software Engineering Boot Camp in Afghanistan, which can be replicated in the neighboring countries in the region, to train young people to be programmers with guaranteed job opportunities”. And he is currently working on that project.


 These are the voices for peace!!!  And there are more!!!




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