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Citizen Diplomacy


The vehicle through which Erasing Borders would utilize the expertise of the diaspora is Citizen Diplomacy. By volunteering to be a Citizen Diplomat, you can help those in your home town, state or province to achieve his/her full potential as professionals, business entrepreneurs and peace makers. You can make a big contribution, by being a mentor, a technical consultant, or simply being a friend in need and share your expertise, knowledge, and experience. It is by giving back that we gain respect and recognition. It is by sharing that we enrich our own lives. You can give back in a way that fits your schedule and interest. This can be a short-term or long-term involvement, and can be done in person or virtually.


Another way you can serve your community, at home, is to be a Vacation Ambassador. This means that you would accept an assignment to share your expertise with an individual or a group while you are on vacation in your home country. 


Benefits Of Becoming A Citizen Diplomat


By becoming a Citizen Diplomat, you lend your voice to ours and strengthen our collective voice to promote sustainable peace and security in your home country and the Af-Pak-India region as a whole. Specifically:




·      You will have the flexibility to work on a project of your choice in your home town, village, community, state or a province in your home county, provided that that project is in line with the Vision of Erasing Borders and its affiliates in a given country.  


·      When you are on an assignment, you will have the opportunity to interact with local leaders, government officials and other activists. 


·       If you are thinking of returning home, an assignment of this nature would allow you to explore career and job opportunities in your field of expertise.


·       Such assignments can broaden your professional experience and give you an international dimension to your career. You can gain influence in a professional club at your place of work. And for business people, you can obtain access to new business prospects.


·       As a member of the Citizen Diplomats, you will recieve special invitations to all future local, national and international events organized by Erasing Borders, where you could meet other professionals from your home country or abroad. Your presence and your specific contributions to a given project will be acknowledged publically at these events.


·       Your community service and accomplishments will be highlighted on ur website with photos of you and your work on a given project to inspire others. If you wish, we will make every effort to promote your contribution(s) in your hometown media.


·       You will have the satisfaction of making a difference in the life of your countrymen. 


·       If you accept a short-term assignment during your vacation in your home counrty, your vacation becomes purposeful. Your contribution can be an example for your children to follow. 



·      You can inspire others. Tell your story.  Share your experience and accomplishments to your family, friends and neighbors, and leave a legacy.















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