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Our agenda is simple. We want to promote sustainable peace and security in the Af-Pak-India region. We want to create educational and job opportunities for the emerging youth. We want to promote economic growth and progress for the region. Our initiative has been recognized as fundamental to end the cycle of violence and insurgency in that part of the world.  Here are some of the responses we have received:


·       Dr. Apurva from New York wrote, “I believe you are doing something wonderful. I support it”.


·       “I always wanted to do something like that ….may our effort will make a difference in people lives”,   wrote Sultana from New Jersey.


·       After reading an article about “Erasing Borders” in a UN related publication, Avani from North Carolina wrote, “Please tell me we can work together … I am more interested in citizen diplomacy and how ordinary people can play a part in peace building”.


·       A university president told us, “The idea is worth trying”, and offered the campus facilities for Erasing Borders’ events.


·       “This is an idea whose time has come”, wrote Joseph from Canada.


·       The president of a technology company said, “I want to start a Software Engineering Boot Camp in Afghanistan, with guaranteed employment”. He is currently working on this.  



We want you to join these committed individuals and help us to promote this initiative.

We are all volunteers in this organization. Our financial resources are practically zero. We need your financial support to help spread our message. We will use your support to develop promotional materials, obtain technical support for effective messaging of our vision and maintain our website. 


If you share our vision to “Give tomorrow a chance”, please give as much as you can.  A minimum of $5 is equivalent to giving up one hamburger or a coffee latte. Please be generous.


You can donate by Credit Card. Please click Give a Gift, complete the form and send it to us. If you wish to speak with someone, please click Contact Us.  


You can also help us by encouraging others to become members and to donate. Please LIGHT THE WAY and join our journey.


We thank you for visiting our website and your support.


             "A candle looses nothing by lighting another candle."


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